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154.63 F    
      Dreams / Marie-Louise von Franz ; foreword by Robert Hinshaw. Central Library  Book 1991
      The interpretation of dreams / Sigmund Freud ; translated from the German and edited by James Strache Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Flatlands, Gravesend, Leonard, Mill Basin, Stone Ave   Book 2010
      On dreams / Sigmund Freud ; translated by M.D. Eder. Central Library  Book 2001
      You can understand your dreams : change your thinking, change your life / David Fontana. Central Library, Ryder   Book 2015
154.63 G    
      The mysterious secrets of dreams / Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford ; [illustrated by Gerald Kell Cortelyou, Crown Hts, Flatlands, Wmsburgh   Book 2012
      On Sigmund Freud's dreams. Central Library  Book 1968
154.63 H    
      Dream yoga : illuminating your life through lucid dreaming and the Tibetan yogas of sleep / Andrew Ho Central Library, Cortelyou, Kings Hwy, Sheepshead   Book 2016
      How to interpret dreams : a practical guide. Brighton Beach, Canarsie, Central Library, Clarendon, Dekalb, Dyker, E Parkway, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy   Book 2017
154.63 L    
      The dream in primitive cultures. : Introd. by C. G. Seligman. With a new pref. by George Devereux. Central Library  Book 1970
      The interpretation of dreams and portents / Naphtali Lewis. Central Library  Book 1976
154.63 M    
      Active dreaming : journeying beyond self-limitation to a life of wild freedom / Robert Moss. Central Library  Book 2011
      Dreaming through darkness : shine light into the shadow to live the life of your dreams / Charlie Mor Canarsie, Central Library, E Parkway, Park Slope   Book 2017
      Dreams : unlock inner wisdom, discover meaning, and refocus your life / Rosie March-Smith. Bedford, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Flatbush, Kings Hwy, Midwood, Pacific, Rugby, W Whitman, Wash Irving   Book 2019
      Freud and Dora : the artful dream / Phillip McCaffrey. Central Library  Book 1984
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154.63 N    
      Freaky dreams / Adele Nozedar. Kings Hwy, Paerdegat   Book 2011
      New directions in dream interpretation / edited by Gayle Delaney. Central Library  Book 1993
154.63 P    
      The complete book of dreams / Julia & Derek Parker. Brownsville, Kidsmobile, Mill Basin, Spring Ck   Book 1998
      The dreamer's almanac : understanding the messages from your subconcious / Sasha Parker. Central Library, Midwood, Mill Basin   Book 2010
154.63 R : The mind at night : the new science of how and why we dream / Andrea Rock.     
      The mind at night : the new science of how and why we dream / Andrea Rock. Central Library  Book 2004
154.63 S    
      Dreamwork around the world and across time : an anthology / Leland E. Shields. Central Library  Book 2008
      "I had the craziest dream last night" ; a psychiatrist helps you interpret your dreams / by Marion A. Central Library  Book 1971
      Kabbalah and the power of dreaming : awakening the visionary life / Catherine Shainberg. Clinton Hill  Book 2005
      The power of dreams : how to interpret & focus the energy of your subconscious mind / Joe H. Slate, P Cortelyou, E Parkway, Midwood, Saratoga   Book 2018
      Seeing in the dark : reflections on dreams and dreaming / Bert O. States. Central Library  Book 1997
154.63 T    
      An ancient dream manual : Artemidorus' The interpretation of dreams / Peter Thonemann. Central Library  Book 2020
      A field guide to lucid dreaming : mastering the art of oneironautics / Dylan Tuccillo, Jared Zeizel, Central Library  Book 2013
154.63 V : Dreams at the threshold : guidance, comfort, and healing at the end of life / Jeanne Van Bronkhorst.     
      Dreams at the threshold : guidance, comfort, and healing at the end of life / Jeanne Van Bronkhorst. Brighton Beach, Central Library, Cypress Hills, Macon, Ryder, Saratoga   Book 2015
154.63 W    
      The complete A to Z dictionary of dreams : over 12,000 definitions : be your own dream expert / Ian W Central Library  Book 2014
      Lucid dreaming : gateway to the inner self / Robert Waggoner. Central Library  Book 2009
      Lucid dreaming, plain and simple : tips and techniques for insight, creativity, and personal growth / Bay Ridge  Book 2015
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