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  Reid, Joy (Joy-Ann Lomena M.) -- See Reid, Joy-Ann Lomena    
Reid, Joyce M. H.      
      The Concise Oxford dictionary of French literature /edited by Joyce M. H. Reid. 840.03 C ; Central - Lit Storage:CHECK SHELVES   Book 1976
  Reid, K. B. M. (Kenneth B. M.), 1943- -- See Reid, Kenneth B. M., 1943-    
Reid, K. E. J.      
      The book of wedding days ; quotations for every day in the year /comp. & arranged by K.E.J. Reid, May Ross & Mabel Bamfield; with devices & decorations for each page 821.08 R35 ; Central - Lit Storage:LIB USE ONLY   Book 1889
Reid, Kate.    
      Heaven help us /HBO Pictures in association with Silver Screen Partners presents a Mark Carliner -- Dan Wigutow Produ DVD MOVIE HEAVEN ; Kings Bay DVD:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Hwy DVD:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2005
      The Last Best Year (DVD) /[videorecording]. DVD ; E Parkway DVD:CHECK SHELVES, Ft Hamilton DVD:CHECK SHELVES, Highlawn DVD:CHECK SHELVES   DVD 2017
Reid, Katharine Lee.      
      Master paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago /selected by James N. Wood and Katharine C. Lee. 750.7401 A ; Central 3rd Fl - AMMS Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 1988
Reid, Katie, / author.     
      Made like Martha : good news for the woman who gets things done /Katie M. Reid ; foreword by Lisa-Jo Baker. eBOOK ; Electronic Resource:ONLINE   eBook 2018
Reid, Katie M., / author.     
      Made like Martha : good news for the woman who gets things done /Katie M. Reid ; foreword by Lisa-Jo Baker. 248.843 R ; Greenpoint Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kensington Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2018
Reid, Ken.      
      School planning ; the architectural record of a decade /Compiled by Kenneth Reid. 371.6 A67 S   Book 1951
  Reid, Kenneth, 1946- -- See Reid, Ken    
Reid, Kiley,    
      Such a fun age /[electronic resource]. Kiley Reid. eBOOK ; Electronic Resource:ONLINE   eBook 2019
      Such a fun age : a novel /Kiley Reid. FIC REID ; Bay Ridge Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Bay Ridge Fic:IN TRANSIT, Bay Ridge Fic:DUE 07-02-21, Brownsville Fic:IN TRANSIT, Bushwick Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Bushwick Fic:IN TRANSIT, Bushwick Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, Bushwick Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Windsor Tce Fic:IN PROCESS, Central 1st Fl - Lit Fiction:IN TRANSIT, Central 1st Fl - Lit New Books:ON HOLDSHELF, Central 1st Fl - Lit New Books:DUE 06-29-21, Central 1st Fl - Lit New Books:DUE 06-10-21, Central 1st Fl - Lit New Books:DUE 06-28-21, Clinton Hill Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Clinton Hill Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, Clinton Hill Fic:DUE 06-28-21, Clinton Hill Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Coney Isl Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Coney Isl Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Coney Isl Fic:DUE 06-16-21, Greenpoint Fic:DUE 06-17-21, Bay Ridge Fic:DUE 06-22-21, Clinton Hill Fic:DUE 07-29-21, Greenpoint Fic:DUE 06-23-21, Kensington Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Cortelyou Fic:DUE 05-21-21, Midwood Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Crown Hts Fic:DUE 06-23-21, Crown Hts Fic:DUE 08-03-21, Crown Hts Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Cypress Hills Fic:IN TRANSIT, Dekalb Fic:DUE 06-25-21, Dekalb Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, E Parkway Fic:DUE 07-06-21, Flatbush Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Flatbush Fic:DUE 06-30-21, Flatbush Fic:IN TRANSIT, Flatbush Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Cortelyou Fic:DUE 04-08-21, Flatlands Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, Flatlands Fic:DUE 06-15-21, Flatlands Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Ft Hamilton Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Gerritsen Fic:DUE 06-23-21, Gerritsen Fic:DUE 06-10-21, Gerritsen Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Gerritsen Fic:DUE 06-18-21, Gravesend Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Highlawn Fic:IN TRANSIT, Homecrest Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Kensington Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, Kings Bay Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Kings Bay Fic:IN TRANSIT, Kings Hwy Fic:DUE 06-17-21, Kings Hwy Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Hwy Fic:DUE 06-29-21, Leonard Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Leonard Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Leonard Fic:DUE 06-16-21, Macon Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Macon Fic:DUE 06-25-21, Mapleton Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Marcy Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Marcy Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Marcy Fic:DUE 06-28-21, McKinley Pk Fic:IN TRANSIT, Midwood Fic:DUE 06-28-21, Midwood Fic:IN TRANSIT, Midwood Fic:DUE 08-09-21, Midwood Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, Midwood Fic:DUE 06-25-21, Mill Basin Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Mill Basin Fic:DUE 06-30-21, Mill Basin Fic:DUE 06-29-21, Mill Basin Fic:CHECK SHELVES, New Lots Fic:CHECK SHELVES, New Lots Fic:DUE 06-30-21, New Utrecht Fic:DUE 07-01-21, New Utrecht Fic:CHECK SHELVES, New Utrecht Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, New Utrecht Fic:DUE 06-30-21, Pacific Fic:DUE 06-30-21, Pacific Fic:DUE 05-17-21, Pacific Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, Pacific Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Pacific Fic:DUE 06-03-21, Pacific Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Paerdegat Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Park Slope Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Red Hook Fic:DUE 06-28-21, Red Hook Fic:DUE 07-06-21, Red Hook Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Ryder Fic:DUE 06-08-21, Ryder Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Ryder Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Ryder Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Sheepshead Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Sheepshead Fic:DUE 06-29-21, Crown Hts Fic:DUE 06-10-21, Stone Ave Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Sunset Pk Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Sunset Pk Fic:DUE 06-30-21, Ulmer Park Fic:DUE 03-15-21, Ulmer Park Fic:DUE 06-07-21, Ulmer Park Fic:CHECK SHELVES, W Whitman Fic:IN TRANSIT +1 HOLD, W Whitman Fic:DUE 06-29-21, W Whitman Fic:DUE 06-15-21, Wash Irving Fic:DUE 06-28-21, Wash Irving Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Wash Irving Fic:ON HOLDSHELF, Wash Irving Fic:DUE 06-24-21   Book 2019
      Such a fun age : a novel /Kiley Reid. eAUDIO ; Electronic Resource:ONLINE   eAudiobook 2019
Reid, Kim, 1965-    
      Langdon Prep novel. eBOOK ; Electronic Resource:ONLINE   eBook 2013
Langdon Prep series -- See Reid Kim 1965 Langdon Prep novel    
      No place safe : a family memoir /Kim Reid. 364.1523 R ; Central 2nd Fl - SST Non-Fiction:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2007
      Perfect liars /Kimberly Reid. FIC REID ; Clarendon YA Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Dekalb YA Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Bay YA Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Mapleton YA Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2016
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