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Gay, John, 1924-2017,    
      The courtship of Eddie's father /[videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; screenplay, John Gay ; director, Vincente Minnelli ; produce DVD ; Midwood:CHECK SHELVES   DVD c2003
      The courtship of Eddie's father /Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents ; a Euterpe-Venice picture ; screen play by John Gay ; produced by Joe P DVD ; Coney Isl DVD:CHECK SHELVES   DVD 2013
  Gay, John, 1942- -- See Gay, John E.    
  Gay, John H. -- See Gay, John    
  Gay, Juan Goytisolo -- See Goytisolo, Juan    
Gay, Kathlyn.    
      The aftermath of the Chinese nationalist revolution /by Kathlyn Gay. 951.04 G ; Highlawn YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Bay YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Paerdegat YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2009
      The aftermath of the Russian Revolution /by Kathlyn Gay. 947.084 G ; Central 1st Fl - YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Crown Hts YA Non-Fic:DUE 01-19-21, Highlawn YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Homecrest YA Non-Fic:DUE 12-10-20, Kings Bay YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Hwy YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Midwood YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2009
      Am I fat? : the obesity issue for teens /Kathlyn Gay. 618.92398 G ; Canarsie YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Bay YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2006
      Communes and cults /Kathlyn Gay. 280.097 G ; Central 2nd Fl - HBR Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 1997
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  Gay, Kelly -- See also Keaton, Kelly    
Gay, Kelly, / author.     
      Fractures : extraordinary tales from the Halo canon. FIC F ; Central 1st Fl - Lit Sci Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2016
Gay, Kim A.      
      Hiding an elephant : living with adult ADHD /Kim A. Gay. 616.8589 G ; Central 2nd Fl - SST Non-Fiction:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2010
Gay Left Collective (Great Britain), / editor.     
      Homosexuality : power & politics /edited by Gay Left Collective. 306.76 H ; Cortelyou Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Marcy Non-Fic:DUE 01-19-21   Book 2018
  Gay, Luis Goytisolo-, 1935- -- See Goytisolo, Luis, 1935-    
Gay, Malcolm, 1972- / author.     
      The brain electric : the dramatic high-tech race to merge minds and machines /Malcolm Gay. 610.28 G ; Central 2nd Fl - SST Non-Fiction:CHECK SHELVES, Cypress Hills Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2015
Gay, Marie-Louise.    
      The 3 little pigs /illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay. J 398.24 T ; Stone Ave Juv Non-Fic:DUE 01-19-21   Book 2004
      Any questions? /by Marie-Louise Gay. J-E GAY ; Canarsie Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Clinton Hill Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Dyker Juv J-E:DUE 01-19-21, Kings Bay Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Leonard Juv J-E:IN TRANSIT, McKinley Pk Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Midwood Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Mill Basin Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Pacific Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Red Hook Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2014
      Buenas noches, Samuel /Marie-Louise Gay ; [traducción, Kurusa]. SPA J-E ; Wash Irving Juv WL:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2003
      Caramba and Henry /by Marie-Louise Gay. J-E GAY ; Central 1st Fl - Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES, Clarendon Juv J-E:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2011
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