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Commission on the War Between the States (Miss.)      
      Decision in Mississippi : Mississippi's important role in the War Between the States. 973.74 B3682 D ; Central - HBR Storage:LIB USE ONLY   Book 1962
Commission on the Year 2000 (New York, N.Y.)      
      Report from the Urban Research Center to the New York City Commission on the Year 2000. 338.5443 R   Book 1986
  Commission on Trade and Competitiveness (N.Y.) -- See Cuomo Commission on Trade and Competitiveness (N.Y.)    
Commission on University Education in Hospital Administration.      
      University education for administration in hospitals : a report /a study inaugurated by the Association of University Programs in Hospital Administration. 362.1 C74 U   Book 1954
Commission on Voluntary Service and Action.      
      Invest yourself. 361.37 I ; Central 2nd Fl - SST Non-Fiction:CHECK SHELVES   Book  
  Commission on White House Fellows (U.S.) -- See President's Commission on White House Fellowships (U.S.)    
  Commission permanente des congrès internationaux des sciences administratives -- See International Institute of Administrative Sciences    
  Commission pour la conservation de la faune et la flore marines de l'Antarctique -- See Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources    
  Commission pour l'Afrique -- See Commission for Africa    
  Commission préparatoire de la Conférence du commerce et de l'emploi de l'Organisation des Nations Un -- See United Nations. Economic and Social Council. Preparatory Committee of the International Conference on Trade and Employment    
  Commission royale d'enquête sur les perspectives économiques du Canada -- See Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects    
  Commission royale sur l'union économique et les perspectives de développement du Canada -- See Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada    
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