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  Berndt, R. M. (Ronald Murray), 1916-1990 -- See Berndt, Ronald M. (Ronald Murray), 1916-1990   1
Berndt, Ronald M. (Ronald Murray), 1916-1990.   3
  Berndtová, Christina Kei -- See Berndt, Christina   1
Berne, Debbie.   2014 1
Berne, Emma Carlson.   44

Pseudonym used by several authors. For works of these authors written under their own name, search also under: Temple, Bob  Stevens, Eric, 1974-  Kreie, Chris  Berne, Emma Carlson, 1979-  Trumbauer, Lisa, 1963-  Gunderson, Jessica  Suen, Anastasia  Terrell, Brandon, 1978-  Steele, Michael Anthony  Wright, Rebecca, 1976-  Brandt, Melissa  Brandes, Wendy L., 1965-  McDonald, Leigh, 1979-  Gómez, Sarah Hannah  Wisler, Joelle  McCollum, Sean  Bybee, Veeda  

-- See also Maddox, Jake
Berne, Emma Carlson, 1979-   12
Berne, Eric.   6
Berne, Jean-Marc. / Narrator.  2009 1
Berne, Jennifer.   13
  Berne, Joe -- See Berne, Josef   1
  Berne, Joseph -- See Berne, Josef   1
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