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100 1  Clubb, Jerome M.,|d1928- 
245 10 Electoral change and stability in American political 
       history /|cedited by Jerome M. Clubb and Howard W. Allen. 
264  1 [Place of publication not identified] :|bFree Press,
300    xix, 267 pages :|billustrations 
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505 3  CONTENTS.-Revolt of the city, by S. Lubell.-A theory of 
       critical elections, by V. O. Key, Jr.-Critical elections 
       in Illinois: 1888-1958, by D. Macrae, Jr., and J. A. 
       Meldrum.-The development of party identification, by A. 
       Campbell, and others.-A classification of the Presidential
       elections, by A. Campbell.-American political parties and 
       the rise of the city: an introduction, by C. N. Degler.-
       The equilibrium cycle in two-party politics, by C. 
       Sellers.-Classification of Presidential elections, by G. 
       Pomper.-Was 1928 a critical election in California? By J. 
       L. Shover.-The cities and the election of the 1928: 
       partisan realignment? By J. M. Clubb and H. W. Allen. 
650  0 Political parties|zUnited States|xHistory. 
650  0 Elections|zUnited States|xHistory. 
700 1  Allen, Howard W.,|d1931- 
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