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100 1  Mullins, John W.|q(John Walker),|eauthor. 
245 14 The new business road test :|bwhat entrepreneurs and 
       investors should do before launching a lean start-up /
       |cJohn Mullins. 
250    Fifth edition. 
264  1 Harlow, England :|bPearson,|c2018. 
300    xx, 337 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  My opportunity : why will or won't this work? -- Will the 
       fish bite? -- Is this a good market? -- Is this a good 
       industry? -- Competitive and economic sustainability : it 
       takes two to tango -- What drives your entrepreneurial 
       dream? -- Can you and your team execute? -- Your 
       connections matter: which matter most? -- Putting the 
       seven domains to work to develop your opportunity -- What 
       to do before you launch your lean start-up -- How to learn
       what you donâ¿¿t know you don't know -- Who needs 
       investors? -- Market analysis worksheet -- Industry 
       analysis checklist -- Do-it-yourself marketing research 
       for your new business road test -- Evidence-based 
       forecasting -- Getting help with your road test. 
       Thinking about starting a new business? Stop! Is there a 
       genuine market for your idea? Do you really want to 
       compete in that industry? Are you the right person to 
       pursue it? No matter how talented you are or how much 
       capital you have, if youre pursuing a fundamentally flawed
       opportunity then youre heading for failure. So before you 
       launch your lean start-up, take your idea for a test drive
       and make sure it has a fighting chance of working. Now in 
       its fifth edition, The New Business Road Test is the 
       essential handbook for anyone wanting to launch a start-
       up. The new and fully updated case studies Ella's Kitchen,
       Whole Foods, eBay and more and seven domains framework 
       will help you avoid impending disaster and enhance your 
       chances of achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. This 
       book will help you answer the live-or-die questions: · 
       Are the market and industry attractive? · Does the 
       opportunity offer both customer benefits as well as 
       competitive and economic sustainability? · Can you 
       deliver the results you seek? The accompanying app 
       (available on iTunes and Android) makes it easy to 
       assemble all the evidence you need for your road test, 
       wherever you are. href="http://www.newbusinessroadtest.com
       /" target="_blank"> www.newbusinessroadtest.com "A must-
       read for all entrepreneurs thinking about a lean start-
       up." Steve Blank, father of the lean start-up movement and
       author, The Start-up Owners Manual "Mullins has hit the 
       nail on the head. I wish this book had been given to every
       entrepreneur who appeared before me on Dragons Den." Doug 
       Richard, entrepreneur, angel investor and founder, School 
       for Startups. "Teaches entrepreneurs and business owners 
       how to avoid mistakes that many make." Start Your Business
       magazine "A reality check for anyone poised to jump into a
       new venture without thinking. Readers will enjoy 
       discovering the nuggets of wisdom embedded in the case 
       studies." Financial Times "A great framework to 
       distinguish between nutcase ideas and solid possibilities,
       and in some cases to turn the mad ideas into something 
       that could work." Max Aitken, serial entrepreneur "John 
       Mullins is a distinguished figure in the global 
       entrepreneurial community." David Giampaolo, Chief 
       Executive, Pi Capital. 
650  0 New business enterprises|xPlanning. 
650  0 Marketing research. 
650  7 Marketing research.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01010284 
650  7 New business enterprises|xPlanning.|2fast
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