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099    eBOOK 
100 1  Troy, Michele K. 
245 10 Strange bird :|bthe Albatross Press and the Third Reich /
       |cMichele K. Troy. 
264  1 New Haven :|bYale University Press,|c2017. 
264  4 |c©2017 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 423 pages) :|billustrations. 
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347    text file 
490 1  New directions in narrative history 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 339-408) and 
505 0  Cover; Half-title; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents;
       Acknowledgments; INTRODUCTION: Behind the Door; ONE: 
       Tauchnitz Has a Rival; TWO: Spies for England; THREE: 
       Winning the Continent; FOUR: Un-German Literature; FIVE: 
       Made in Britain?; SIX: The Scissors in Their Heads; SEVEN:
       A Tale of Two Publishers; EIGHT: The Center Will Not Hold;
       NINE: The Shell Game; TEN: Suspicion; ELEVEN: Dear Reader;
       TWELVE: Allegiances; THIRTEEN: Faces of War; FOURTEEN: 
       Enemy Books; FIFTEEN: Return and Departure; SIXTEEN: 
       Albatross Under the Occupation; SEVENTEEN: The Deutsche 
505 8  EIGHTEEN: English Books AbroadNINETEEN: Rivals; TWENTY: 
       When the Bombs Fell; TWENTY-ONE: Making Peace; TWENTY-TWO:
       Rising from the Ashes; TWENTY-THREE: Homecoming; 
       CONCLUSION: Longing; Notes; Selected Bibliography; Chapter
       -Opening Illustration Credits; Index; A; B; C; D; E; F; G;
       H; I; J; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; Y; Z. 
520    The first book about Albatross Press, a Penguin precursor 
       that entered into an uneasy relationship with the Nazi 
       regime to keep Anglo-American literature alive under 
       fascism. The Albatross Press was, from its beginnings in 
       1932, a "strange bird": a cultural outsider to the Third 
       Reich but an economic insider. It was funded by British-
       Jewish interests. Its director was rumored to work for 
       British intelligence. A precursor to Penguin, it 
       distributed both middlebrow fiction and works by edgier 
       modernist authors such as D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, 
       James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway to eager continental 
       readers. Yet Albatross printed and sold its paperbacks in 
       English from the heart of Hitler's Reich. In her original 
       and skillfully researched history, Michele K. Troy reveals
       how the Nazi regime tolerated Albatross-for both economic 
       and propaganda gains-and how Albatross exploited its 
       insider position to keep Anglo-American books alive under 
       fascism. In so doing, Troy exposes the contradictions in 
       Nazi censorship while offering an engaging detective story,
       a history, a nuanced analysis of men and motives, and a 
       cautionary tale. 
588 0  Print version record. 
610 20 Albatross Verlag|xHistory. 
650  0 Publishers and publishing|zGermany|xHistory|y20th century.
650  7 HISTORY / Modern / 20th Century.|2bisacsh 
650  7 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES|xJournalism.|2bisacsh 
655  4 Electronic books. 
710 2  OverDrive, Inc. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aTroy, Michele K.|tStrange Bird : The 
       Albatross Press and the Third Reich.|dCumberland : Yale 
       University Press, ©2017|z9780300215687 
830  0 New directions in narrative history. 
856 4  |3Excerpt|uhttps://samples.overdrive.com/?crid=ef2a4ba2-
856 40 |uhttp://link.overdrive.com/?websiteID=89&titleID=3237470
       |zAn electronic book accessible online 
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