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520    During the later 1920s one response to the muchdiscussed 
       "crisis of the opera" was the exploration of topical 
       themes through the "Zeitoper." Set in the present, usually
       humorous, and invariably featuring the props and fashions 
       of daily life, the genre enjoyed a brief but heady vogue. 
       In the fall of 1928 Arnold Schönberg was convinced, that 
       he, too, could write a topical opera as successful as 
       those of Ernst Krenek and Kurt Weill, but without adopting,
       but in fact critiquing the musical styles associated with 
       the genre. "One ought to feel, or sense, that behind these
       simple events something else is hidden; that these 
       everyday characters and happenings are being used to show 
       how, above and beyond this simple story of a marriage, the
       so-called modern, the merely modish exists only from today
       till tomorrow, from a shaky hand to a greedy mouth-not 
       only in marriage, but no less in art, in politics and in 
       attitudes towards life." (Arnold Schönberg to Wilhelm 
       Steinberg, 4 October 1929) Schönberg's critique of the 
       genre "Zeitoper" took the form principally of applying his
       now fully developed and mature twelve-tone method while 
       eschewing the most important musical attribute of the 
       genre, imitation of American dance music and jazz. Clearly
       Schönberg was confident that the twelve-tone method and 
       his mastery of it were now flexible enough to enable him 
       to write an entirely original popular comic opera. 
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