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245 00 Critical survey of graphic novels :|bindependents and 
       underground classics /|ceditors, Bart H. Beaty, Stephen 
246 30 Independents and underground classics 
264  1 Ipswich, MA :|bSalem Press,|c©2012. 
300    1 online resource (3 volumes (xix, 1,084 pages)) :
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gVolume 1.|tA.D. : New Orleans after the deluge --|tThe 
       adventures of Luther Arkwright --|tThe adventures of 
       Tintin --|tAge of bronze : the story of the Trojan War --
       |tAge of reptiles --|tAirtight garage of Jerry Cornelius -
       -|tAlan's War : the memories of G.I. Alan Cope --|tAlec : 
       the years have pants --|tAlice in Sunderland : an 
       entertainment --|tAliens --|tAmerican born chinese --
       |tAmerican splendor : from off the streets of Cleveland --
       |tThe arrival --|tAsterios polyp --|tAsterix --|tAya of 
       Yopougon --|tBacchus --|tThe ballad of Doctor Richardson -
       -|tBerlin : city of stones --|tBinky Brown sampler --
       |tBlack hole --|tBlackmark --|tBlankets : an illustrated 
       novel --|tBlueberry --|tBone --|tThe book of Genesis --
       |tThe boulevard of broken dreams --|tBox office poison --
       |tBurma chronicles --|tCages --|tCancer vixen : a true 
       story --|tThe cartoon sistory of the universe --|tCastle 
       waiting --|tChicken with plums --|tCity of glass --
       |tClumsy --|tThe color trilogy --|tThe complete Essex 
       County --|tThe complete Fritz the Cat --|tA contract with 
       God, and other tenement stories --|tThe curious case of 
       Benjamin Button --|tDavid Boring --|tDead memory --|tDear 
       Julia --|tDeogratias : a tale of Rwanda --|tDiary of a 
       mosquito abatement man --|tDropsie Avenue : the 
       neighborhood --|tDykes to watch out for --|tEd the Happy 
       clown : the definitive Ed book --|tElk's Run --
       |tEmbroideries --|tEpileptic --|tEthel and Ernest : a true
       story --|tExit wounds --|tFar Arden --|tFax from Sarajevo 
       : a story of survival --|tThe fixer : a story from 
       Sarajevo --|tFlaming carrot comics --|tFlood! : a novel in
       pictures --|tFootnotes in Gaza : a graphic novel --|tThe 
       Frank book --|tFrom hell : being a melodrama in sixteen 
       parts --|tFun home : a family tragicomic --|tGemma Bovery 
       --|tGet a life --|tGhost world --|tGive it up! : and other
       short stories --|tGlacial period --|tThe Golem's Mighty 
       Swing --|tGood-bye, chunky rice --|tHard boiled --|tHarum 
       scarum --|tHarvey Kurtzman's jungle book : or, up from the
       apes! (and right back down) --|tHate --|tHaunted --|tHe 
       done her wrong : the great American novel --|tAnd not a 
       word in it --|tHey, wait . . . --|tHicksville --|tA 
       history of violence --|tHoudini : the handcuff king. 
505 00 |gVolume 2.|tIce Haven --|tIncognegro : a graphic mystery 
       --|tI never liked you : a comic-strip narrative --|tIn the
       shadow of No Towers --|tIt rhymes with lust --|tIt's a 
       bird . . . --|tIt's a good life, if you don't weaken : a 
       picture novella --|tIt was the War of the Trenches --|tJar
       of fools : a picture story --|tA Jew in communist Prague. 
       1. Loss of innocence --|tThe Jew of New York : a 
       historical romance --|tJimmy Corrigan : the smartest kid 
       on Earth --|tJourney : the adventures of Wolverine 
       MacAlistaire --|tJourney into Mohawk Country --|tJulius 
       Knipl, real estate photographer : stories --|tKabuki --
       |tKafka --|tKampung Boy --|tKane --|tKing : a comics 
       biography --|tKings in disguise --|tLaika --|tLa perdida -
       -|tLast day in Vietnam : a memory --|tLeave it to chance -
       -|tThe life and times of Scrooge McDuck --|tLife sucks --
       |tLike a velvet glove cast in iron --|tLong time 
       relationship --|tLost cause : John Wesley Hardin, the 
       Taylor-Sutton Feud, and reconstruction Texas --|tLost girl
       --|tLost girls --|tLouis --|tLouis Riel : a comic-strip 
       biography --|tLove and rockets --|tLucky --|tMail order 
       bride --|tMarket day --|tMaus : a survivor's tale --
       |tMetropol : the complete series + Metropol A.D. --|tMinor
       miracles : long ago and once upon a time back when uncles 
       were heroic, cousins were clever, and miracles happened on
       every block --|tMonologues for the coming plague --|tMouse
       guard --|tMy mommy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill 
       --|tNat Turner --|tNight fisher --|tThe 9/11 report : a 
       graphic adaptation --|tNotes for a war story --|tOmaha the
       cat dancer --|tOne! hundred! demons! --|tOur cancer year -
       -|tOwly --|tPalestine --|tPalomar : the heartbreak soup 
       stories --|tPassionate journey --|tPaul --|tPedro and me :
       friendship, loss, and what I learned --|tPercy Gloom --
       |tPerfect example --|tPersepolis --|tThe photographer : 
       into war-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders --
       |tThe Plain Janes --|tThe playboy --|tThe poor bastard --
       |tPredator --|tPride of Baghdad : inspired by a true story
       --|tPyongyang : a journey in North Korea --|tQueen and 
       country --|tThe rabbi's cat --|tRex Mundi --|tRichard 
       Stark's parker --|tRoad to perdition --|tRobot dreams --
       |tRose : prequel to bone --|tSafe area Goražde : the war 
       in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95 --|tScary godmother : the boo 
       flu --|tScott Pilgrim --|tShenzhen : a travelogue from 
505 00 |gVolume 3.|tShortcomings --|tShutterbug follies --
       |tSignal to noise --|tSin city --|tSkim --|tSkitzy : the 
       story of Floyd W. Skitzafroid --|tSloth --|tA small 
       killing --|tThe snowman --|tStitches : a memoir --
       |tStrangers in paradise --|tStray bullets --|tStray 
       toasters --|tStreak of chalk --|tStuck rubber baby --
       |tSuckle : the status of Basil --|tThe summer of love --
       |tThe system --|tThe tale of one bad rat --|tTales of the 
       beanworld : a most peculiar comic book experience --
       |tTamara Drewe --|tTank girl --|tTantrum --|t30 days of 
       night --|tThree fingers --|t300 --|tThree shadows --|tThe 
       tragical comedy or comical tragedy of Mr. Punch --
       |tTransit --|tA treasury of Victorian murder --|tTricked -
       -|tTwentieth century eightball --|tViolent cases --|tThe 
       walking dead --|tThe wall : growing up behind the Iron 
       Curtain --|tWaltz with Bashir : a Lebanon war story --|tWe
       are on our own --|tWhat it is --|tWhen the wind blows --
       |tWhiteout --|tWhy I hate Saturn --|tWilson --|tXenozoic 
       tales --|tYossel : April 19, 1943 --|tA story of the 
       Warsaw Ghetto Uprising --|tYou are here --|tYou'll never 
       know. Book one. A good and decent man --|tZombies vs. 
       robots --|tZot! : the complete black and white collection,
       1987-1991 --|tResources --|tBibliography --|tGuide to 
       online resources --|tTime line --|tMajor awards --|tWorks 
       by artist --|tWorks by author --|tWorks by publisher --
520    Contains essays covering graphic novels and core comics 
       series, focusing on the independents and underground 
       genre. Provides in-depth insight for the most popular and 
       studied graphic novels. 
588    Description based on print version record. 
650  0 Graphic novels. 
650  0 Comic books, strips, etc. 
650  7 ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES / Comics.|2bisacsh 
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650  7 Graphic novels.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00946656 
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650  7 Comic.|0(DE-588)4010427-8|2gnd 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Beaty, Bart. 
700 1  Weiner, Stephen,|d1955- 
710 2  OverDrive, Inc. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tCritical survey of graphic novels.
       |dIpswich, MA : Salem Press, c2012|z9781587659508|w(DLC)  
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