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100 1  Barker, Pat,|d1943-|eauthor. 
245 14 The silence of the girls :|ba novel /|cPat Barker. 
250    First United States edition. 
264  1 New York :|bDoubleday,|c2018. 
300    291 pages ;|c25 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
520    "From the Booker Prize-winning author of the Regeneration 
       trilogy comes a monumental new masterpiece, set in the 
       midst of literature's most famous war. Pat Barker turns 
       her attention to the timeless legend of The Iliad, as 
       experienced by the captured women living in the Greek camp
       in the final weeks of the Trojan War.  The ancient city of
       Troy has withstood a decade under siege of the powerful 
       Greek army, who continue to wage bloody war over a stolen 
       woman--Helen. In the Greek camp, another woman watches and
       waits for the war's outcome: Briseis. She was queen of one
       of Troy's neighboring kingdoms, until Achilles, Greece's 
       greatest warrior, sacked her city and murdered her husband
       and brothers. Briseis becomes Achilles's concubine, a 
       prize of battle, and must adjust quickly in order to 
       survive a radically different life, as one of the many 
       conquered women who serve the Greek army.  When Agamemnon,
       the brutal political leader of the Greek forces, demands 
       Briseis for himself, she finds herself caught between the 
       two most powerful of the Greeks. Achilles refuses to fight
       in protest, and the Greeks begin to lose ground to their 
       Trojan opponents. Keenly observant and cooly unflinching 
       about the daily horrors of war, Briseis finds herself in 
       an unprecedented position to observe the two men driving 
       the Greek forces in what will become their final 
       confrontation, deciding the fate, not only of Briseis's 
       people, but also of the ancient world at large.  Briseis 
       is just one among thousands of women living behind the 
       scenes in this war--the slaves and prostitutes, the nurses,
       the women who lay out the dead--all of them erased by 
       history. With breathtaking historical detail and luminous 
       prose, Pat Barker brings the teeming world of the Greek 
       camp to vivid life. She offers nuanced, complex portraits 
       of characters and stories familiar from mythology, which, 
       seen from Briseis's perspective, are rife with newfound 
       revelations. Barker's latest builds on her decades-long 
       study of war and its impact on individual lives--and it is
       nothing short of magnificent"--|cProvided by publisher. 
520    "The Iliad, as experienced by the captured women living in
       the Greek camp in the final weeks of the Trojan War"--
       |cProvided by publisher. 
650  0 Trojan War|vFiction. 
651  0 Troy (Extinct city)|vFiction. 
655  7 Historical fiction.|2lcgft 
655  7 War fiction.|2lcgft 
776 08 |iOnline version:|aBarker, Pat, 1943-|tSilence of the 
       girls|bFirst edition.|dNew York : Doubleday, 2018
       |z9780385544221|w(DLC)  2018015358 
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