Runyon, Charles W., 1928-2015 is not used in this library's catalog.

This name was used by Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee writing together. Works by these authors are entered under the name used in the item. For a listing of other names used by these authors, search also under Dannay, Frederic, 1905-1982;  Lee, Manfred B. (Manfred Bennington), 1905-1971;  Ross, Barnaby;  Queen, Ellery, Jr. For a listing of other names using this pseudonym, search also under  Powell, Talmage;  Deming, Richard;  Flora, Fletcher, 1914-1969;  Hoch, Edward D., 1930-2008;  Brewer, Gil, 1922-1983;  Marlowe, Stephen, 1928-2008;  Sheldon, Walter J.;  Kane, Henry;  Runyon, Charles W., 1928-2015  

is used instead.

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