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The Worst Best Man
Sosa, Mia
added to "2020 Book Releases" 9 months ago
manuelaaronofsky, Brooklyn, US
Acting on impulse
Sosa, Mia, author.
added to "24 Completed Series to Binge (First Book)" 4 months ago
manuelaaronofsky, Brooklyn, US
The worst best man [electronic resource] : A novel.
Sosa, Mia.
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BKLYNCherry, Brooklyn, US
Summer green to autumn gold : uncovering leaves' hidden colors / Mia Posada.
Posada, Mia, author, illustrator.
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Miss Ellen, Camas, US
Healthy Latin cooking
Angie Martinez & Angelo Sosa with Shirley Fan ; photographs by Christina Holmes.
added to "Pan American Cuisine" 3 years ago
Zac & Mia
by A.J. Betts.
added to "Bklyn BookMatch YA Romance, Hollywood, and Tough Female Leads!" 3 years ago
BklynSarahJ, Brooklyn, US
Mia jazzes it up!
Farley, Robin, author.
added to "BKLYN BookMatch for a 5 year old" 2 years ago
BklynDanielleS, Brooklyn, US
Mia Mayhem is a superhero!
West, Kara, author.
added to "Asa Book Series for quarantine" 7 months ago
indigo_gorilla_43, Brooklyn, US
Mia, fashion plates and cupcakes
by Coco Simon.
added to "BKLYN Fashion Reads for Kids (Love a Library – Project Runway)" 3 years ago
BPL_YFS, Brooklyn, US
Toward an intellectual history of Black women
edited by Mia Bay, Farah J. Griffin, Martha S. Jones, and Barbara D. Savage.
added to "BKLYN BookMatch for someone lookin for books on self-help, Caribbean fiction and more." 3 years ago
BklynDanielleS, Brooklyn, US

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