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Frida, a biography of Frida Kahlo / A Biography of Frida Kahlo
Herrera, Hayden.
added to "want to read" 11 months ago
carribou, Brooklyn, US
A beautiful mind : a biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, 1994 / Sylvia Nasar.
Nasar, Sylvia.
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CPLAleisha, Coquitlam, CA
J.R.R. Tolkien : a biography
Carpenter, Humphrey.
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BKLYNDonaldP, Brooklyn, US
Jerusalem : the biography
Sebag Montefiore, Simon, 1965-
added to "BKLYN BookMatch: journalistic accounts of Israel and Palestine" 2 years ago
Handel, a documentary biography.
added to "Handel" 9 months ago
sigurdsun, Brooklyn, US
Marx's Das Kapital : a biography
Wheen, Francis.
added to "Business" 1 year ago
joshcossey, Brooklyn, US
Jesus : a revolutionary biography
Crossan, John Dominic, author.
added to "A Ben Franklin Circle Reading List!" 2 years ago
BklynJohnL, Brooklyn, US
Vagina : a new biography
Wolf, Naomi.
added to "BKLYN National Period Day" 1 year ago
Paul : a biography / N.T. Wright.
Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas)
added to "To read" 8 months ago
Patron337822, Nicholasville, US
Caligula : a biography
Winterling, Aloys.
added to "Roman, Greek, and Byzantium" 2 years ago
BKLYNJulia, Brooklyn, US

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