Prologue to Murder [electronic resource] / Lauren Elliott
    eBook | Kensington | 2019.
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    -- ? Gossip columnists love a bold-faced name?but "Miss Newsy" at Greyborne Harbor?s local paper seems to specialize in bald-faced lies. She?s pointed a finger of suspicion at Addie after librarian June Winslow never makes it home from a book club meeting. And when June?s found at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs, Addie?s not only dealing with a busybody, but a dead body. ? It?s a good thing the guy she?s dating is the police chief. But both the case and her love life get more complicated when a lanky blonde reporter from Los Angeles shows up. She?s trying her hardest to drive a wedge between the couple . . . as if Addie doesn?t have enough problems dealing with angry townspeople. Despite all the rumors, Addie doesn?t know a thing about the murder?but she plans to find out. And the key may lie in a book about pirate legends that June published. Now she just has to hunt down the clues before she becomes a buried treasure herself . . .
    Intro; PROLOGUE TO MURDER; Also by; Title Page; Table of Contents; Copyright Page; Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four; Chapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter Eleven; Chapter Twelve; Chapter Thirteen; Chapter Fourteen; Chapter Fifteen; Chapter Sixteen; Chapter Seventeen; Chapter Eighteen; Chapter Nineteen; Chapter Twenty; Chapter Twenty-One; Chapter Twenty-Two; Chapter Twenty-Three; Chapter Twenty-Four; Chapter Twenty-Five; Chapter Twenty-Six; Chapter Twenty-Seven; Chapter Twenty-Eight; Chapter Twenty-Nine; Chapter Thirty
    Chapter Thirty-OneChapter Thirty-Two; Chapter Thirty-Three; Chapter Thirty-Four; Chapter Thirty-Five; Chapter Thirty-Six; Chapter Thirty-Seven; Chapter Thirty-Eight; MURDER IN THE FIRST EDITION,
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