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    Cybersecurity : insights you need from Harvard Business Review
    Book | Harvard Business Review Press | 2019
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    xvi, 158 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
    Includes bibliographical references and index.
    "Too many of us associate cybersecurity with credit card theft and think the solution is for our banking partners, social media platforms, and large retailers to improve and increase their data security practices. But in the world we live and work in, where our systems are increasingly interconnected and our employees and customers are logging in to access their work or our products from all over the world and on all types of devices, the risk is much greater than we imagine. As the complexity and sophistication of our interconnected systems increases, so too do the skills of our adversaries. From outlining the challenges to exploring the solutions, Cybersecurity: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review will help leaders address the managerial, organizational, and strategic aspects of these ever-present threats to your organization. Catch up on current topics and deepen your understanding of them with the Insights You Need series from Harvard Business Review. Featuring some of HBR's best and most recent thinking, Insights You Need titles are both a primer on today's most pressing issues and an extension of the conversation, with interesting research, interviews, case studies, and practical ideas to help you explore how a particular issue will impact your company and what it will mean for you and your business."-- Provided by publisher.
    Internet insecurity / by Andy Bochman -- Security trends by the numbers / by Scott Berinato and Matt Perry -- Why boards aren't dealing with cyberthreats / by J. Yo-Jud Cheng and Boris Groysberg -- The behavioral economics of why executives underinvest in cybersecurity / by Alex Blau -- Why the entire C-suite needs to use the same metrics for cyber risk / by Jason J. Hogg -- The best cybersecurity investment you can make is better training / by Dante Disparte and Chris Furlow -- Better cybersecurity starts with fixing your employees' bad habits / by Alex Blau -- The key to better cybersecurity : keep employee rules simple / by Maarten Van Horenbeeck -- The avoidable mistakes executives continue to make after a data breach / by Bill Bourdon -- Active defense and "hacking back" : a primer / by Scott Berinato -- Cybersecurity is putting customer trust at the center of competition / by Andrew Burt -- Privacy and cybersecurity are converging. Here's why that matters for people and for companies / by Andrew Burt -- What countries and companies can do when trade and cybersecurity overlap / by Stuart Madnick, Simon Johnson, and Keman Huang -- AI is the future of cybersecurity, for better and for worse / by Roman V. Yampolskiy.
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