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Spirit Island and Jagged Earth / R. Eric Reuss
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1 board game
Number of players: 1-6
Game duration: 90-120
Base game plus: 3 New Scenarios, 10 New Spirits - including 41 Unique Power Cards, 2 New Adversaries - including 4 Adversary Reminder Tiles, 2 New Island Boards, 30 New Event Cards, 6 New Fear Cards, 7 New Blight Cards, 24 New Major Power Cards - including 2 Sea Monster replacement cards, 33 New Minor Power Cards, 6 Aspect Cards - Optional aspects (innate powers) for the 4 core game spirits, 25 Badland Tokens - A new way to fight invaders!, More plastic, wooden, and cardboard tokens play up to 6 players), 18 Dahan, 24 Blight, 25 Explorers, 16 Towns,10 Cities, 35 Beast Tokens, 30 Disease Tokens, 22 Wilds Tokens, 22 Strife Tokens, 16 Fear Markers, 24 Energy Markers, 18 1-Energy Markers, 6 3-Energy Markers, 26 Spirit Presence - 13 each in 2 colors, 6 Single-Turn Effect Markers (Defend) - 3 of each in 2 colors, 18 Single-Turn Effect Markers (Isolate) - 3 of each in 6 colors, 64 Element Markers - 8 of each element, 6 Player Aid Cards, 8 Reminder Cards
This is the base game, Spirit Island, combined with the expansion, Jagged Earth. This is a cooperative settler-destruction strategy game. Known Spirits adopt different Aspects to battle the Invaders, and new Spirits join the fray. Some transform the island, making it hazardous and deadly to all humanity, while others work with the Dahan to fight back in other ways. Hard choices confront the Spirits, and even Stone's Unyielding Defense must weigh trade-offs
Alt Title
Jagged Earth
Spirit Island
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