Prism: A Memoir as Fiction / George C. Chesbro
eBook | Road | 2017
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""Cover Page""; ""Title Page""; ""Chapter One""; ""Fugue at Bay""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""III""; ""Prism""; ""Chapter Two""; ""Little Ark""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""III""; ""Prism""; ""Chapter Three""; ""The Writing Lesson""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""III""; ""Prism""; ""III""; ""Prism""; ""Chapter Four""; ""The Reunion""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""Chapter Five""; ""The Marriage""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""III""; ""Prism""; ""IV""; ""Prism""; ""V""; ""Prism""; ""VI""; ""Prism""; ""Chapter Six""; ""The Dwarf""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""III""
""Prism""""Chapter Six""; ""Journeys""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""III""; ""Prism""; ""Chapter Seven""; ""Stirring the Ether""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""; ""Chapter Eight""; ""The Affair""; ""Prism""; ""II""; ""Prism""
The author of the Mongo Mysteries reveals the interior life of a troubled writer in this deeply personal autobiographical novel. At the age of fifty-eight, author Garth Fugue is adrift. For the last forty years he has poured his soul into twenty-three novels and countless short stories, all filled with murder and mayhem. By delving into the troubled minds of his characters, he has kept his own demons at bay. Now, Garth is at a crossroads. Despite his floundering literary career, he is attempting to write his magnum opus while simultaneously teaching at a children's psychiatric hospital. As he decides what to write about, Garth must ultimately wrestle with his own beliefs about humanity, morality, and the meaning of it all. In this insightful novel, George C. Chesbro exposes a fictional writer's tortured mind and, in doing so, divulges the struggles of the real, complicated man best known for penning quirky mysteries and pulpy thrillers. It is an intimate invitation not to be missed.
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