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The world only spins forward : the ascent of Angels in America / Isaac Butler and Dan Kois
eBook | Bloomsbury USA | 2018
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The oral history of Angels in America Now, on the 25th anniversary of that Broadway premiere, Isaac Butler and Dan Kois offer the definitive account of Angels in America Expanded from a popular Slate is both a rollicking theater saga and an uplifting testament to one of the great works of American art of the past century, from its gritty San Francisco premiere to its starry, much-anticipated Broadway revival in 2018.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Intro; Half Title; Dedication; Title Page; Contents; Epigraph; Act 1: 19781990; 1. Bad News: The Reagan Revolution and the End of the World; 2. The Great Work Begins: New York and San Francisco, 19801987; 3. I Like Your Cosmology, Baby: AIDS, Roy Cohn, and Mormons; 4. Not-Yet-Conscious, Forward Dawning: Developing the Play in San Francisco and Los Angeles, 19871990; Act 2: 19911992; 1. Heaven Is a City Much Like San Francisco: Eureka Theatre Company, 1991; Interlude: Hannah Pitt; 2. Threshold of Revelation: Royal National Theatre, London, 1992; Interlude: Roy Cohn
3. Prepare the Way: The Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1992Interlude: Joe Pitt; 4. When I Open My Eyes, Youll Be Gone: Getting Fired from Angels in America; Act 3: 19931994; 1. Heaven : Millennium Approaches on Broadway, 1993; 2. Im in Heaven: Perestroika on Broadway and at the Royal National Theatre, London, 19931994; Interlude: Louis Ironson; Act 4: 19942003; 1. Ill Show You America: The National Tour, 19941995; Interlude: The Angel; 2. Its a Promised Land, But What a Disappointing Promise: Angels and the Culture Wars; Interlude: Belize
3. Very Steven Spielberg: The Angels Film, 19912003Act 5: 19982018; 1. Its What Living Things Do: Angels Transformed; Interlude: Harper Pitt; 2. More Life: Royal National Theatre, London, 2017; Interlude: Prior Walter; 3. The World Only Spins Forward: The Legacy of Angels; Acknowledgments; Cast of Characters; Index; A Note on the Authors; Copyright
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