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Long-distance real estate investing : how to buy, rehab, and manage out-of-state rental properties / David Greene
Book | BiggerPockets Publishing | 2017
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285 pages ; 23 cm
Why invest out of state?. ; Don't trust your gut ; Disrupt the norm ; Investing in your own backyard ; The crop analogy -- The Power of the Internet. Finding homes through the MLS ; Finding property tax records ; Homeowner's Insurance online ; Ways to determine an area's desirability ; Determining rental rates ; Finding past permits ; Using your smartphone to manage your business ; Using technology to buy property sight unseen ; Smartphone apps in your business -- Rules and relationships ; Price-to-rent ratios ; Determine an area's price-to-rent ratio ; Alternative strategies to buy-and-hold ; Vacation rentals ; How to leverage relationships -- The first members of your team. The deal finder ; Find high-producing agents ; Agents with a team ; Ways to save time on your search ; An agent and an investor - my advice to you ; The lender ; Loans for investors ; How to find a lender ; How to reach out to lenders ; Alternative lending options ; The ease of electronic payments ; Supercharging your equity growth, the easy way ; Electronic rent deposits ; Leveraging financing ; Accurately reporting rental income -- The rest of your team. Finding referrals ; What to ask before hiring a property manager ; How to negotiate better terms ; Leveraging your property manager's knowledge ; The contractor -- Understanding your market. Tracking property values ; What to do when prices are rising ; What to do when prices are dropping ; Investing in down markets, wherever they may be ; Rental rates ; Anticipating rental rate increases ; Following employment trends ; Understanding your tenant pool -- Working with the market. Creating an apples-to-apples comparison ; Understanding return on equity ; Timing the market ; The "headache factor" and opportunity cost ; Improving your portfolio's performance ; Timing your lease renewals correctly ; Cash for keys ; Accept some headaches ; The 1031 like-kind exchange -- Managing out-of-state properties. Give your contractor incentive and maximize your results ; Create accountability through paying a bonus ; Creating accountability through advertising ; Paying for materials yourself ; Adding value by adding your own time ; Using your contractor's house accounts to save you money ; How to manage paying your contractor ; How to pay your contractor ; The partnership mentality -- Finding materials. R & D (rip off and duplicate) ; Finding design inspiration ; Getting samples from your contractor ; When the design idea is formed ; Determining the value of upgrades ; How to "hack" your contractor ; The upgrade hack ; Four simple factors to determine value ; Finance hacking -- Maximize ROI. Big lots equal big opportunity ; Buying bad houses in nice areas -- Tricks to find more deals out of state. Real estate owned ; Short sales ; NOD ; Half-finished houses ; Leveraging the listing agent ; Paying your real estate agent a bonus -- The long-distance investor.
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