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    BKLYN Women's History Month: Women Writers Throughout History

    by BKLYNCORINAB | 20 items

    March is Women's History Month, and we're featuring books written by women. This list includes literature by women throughout history: fiction, poetry, and memoir; some classics and some a bit lesser-known. Also check out our list of influential feminists texts:

    Created on: February 28, 2017

    BKLYN Women's History Month: feminist classics

    by BKLYNCORINAB | 15 items

    March is Women's History Month, and we're featuring books written by women. This list includes some of the most influential feminists texts. Also check out our list of fiction, poetry, and memoir by women throughout history:

    Created on: February 28, 2017

    BKLYN: Women In Translation Month

    by BKLYNCORINAB | 15 items

    August is Women In Translation Month, in which readers are encouraged to read, review, share, and promote books by women in translation. Women authors make up only about 30% of the new books translated into English each year, and this list highlights some of the many translations in our collection t...

    Created on: August 03, 2018

    Women in Translation

    by BKLYNChrsm | 10 items

    Did you know that only about 3% of works published in the U.S. are works translated from languages other than English? Started in 2014, the Women in Translation campaign specifically highlights the work of women in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translation itself.

    Created on: August 15, 2016

    BKLYN: Women in tech history

    by BKLYNCORINAB | 12 items

    This list highlights the contributions of women throughout technological history, in celebration of Women's History Month.

    Created on: March 08, 2018

    BKLYN Femmes écrivains haïtien / Haitian women authors (French and Eng...

    by Biblioburro | 7 items

    A list of Haitian women authors in honor of Womens History month and International day of Francophonie (2014).

    Created on: March 24, 2014

    Women's History

    by Kidbookqueen | 11 items

    Picture book bios about famous women artists, astronauts, astronomers, etc...

    Created on: March 08, 2016

    BKLYN BookMatch Adult Fic: Young Women Out in the World

    by BklynRakishaK | 12 items

    The post high school and post-college stories of young women making their way in the world--work, family and love!

    Created on: September 16, 2014

    BKLYN BookMatch Women's Sexuality

    by BklynRakishaK | 12 items

    Non-fiction books for fans of erotica and those fascinated by the sex lives of women.

    Created on: September 11, 2014

    BKLYN Bookmatch: Women's Lives in Biography and Fiction

    by BKLYNRebeccaSea | 12 items

    This list was created by a librarian with the Brooklyn Public Library for a reader looking for contemporary female writers and biographies of women. Would you like your own personalized list of reading suggestions? Visit Bklyn BookMatch here:

    Created on: December 20, 2016

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